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A Note to My Younger Self 05 Featuring Nena Stoiljkovic

Nena Stoiljkovic is IFC’s Vice President for Asia and Pacific. Through this vlog, Nena shares her advice to millennials to advance through the ranks at IFC.

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A Note to My Younger Self 04 Featuring Ethiopis Tafara

Ethiopis Tafara is the General Counsel and Vice President for Legal, Compliance Risk, and ESG Sustainability. He also co-chairs the IFC Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) council. In this video,…

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Kelly Widelska.mp4

This video for IFC's Millennial Resource Group (MRG), produced in partnership with IFC's Global Knowledge & Learning team, follows Kelly Widelska, Head of IFC GKLO, and her career…

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MRG video: Jingdong

Jingdong Hua, IFC's Vice President of Treasury and Syndications, offers career advice to millennials.

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Podcast #3 - Global Retailer - Kaufland

Welcome to MAS on Air's Food Safety series. Produced in partnership with GKLO, these short, easy-to-follow recordings provide you an insight on the effective food safety management, and creating…

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